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Bring your own device to work

During our discussions with clients one topic seems to be coming up time and time again, how do we deal with the “bring your own device to work” (BYOD) issue. Users are no longer satisfied with using standard issue laptops and desktops at work and are pressurising IT managers to allow them to be able to use their own tablets and smartphones to access company resources. The Mobius Consulting approa ...[Read More]

The ultimate internal hacking device?

Over the past years I have been involved in social engineering exercises where we attempt to gain access to client premises in order to determine the physical perimeter controls.  The PwnPlug promises to take that exercise to a whole new level by identifying the vulnerabilities that someone in your building is able to exploit (both via wired ethernet connection or a wireless connection) via remote ...[Read More]

Networking the Western Cape

W Cape initiates major ICT push – ITWeb The broadband push in the Western Cape announced recently by Helen Zille will have hugely positive and far-reaching impacts for all citizens of the Western Cape and should set a national precedent in terms of connectivity. During the course of last year I was involved in a project for the Western Cape Education Department to design a network linking all the ...[Read More]

Computer Security: You make the difference

Much has changed in the world of Information Technology since AT&T produced this video on Computer Security in 1990. However, one aspect of Information Security has not changed – The User. Living in the digital age where Cloud Computing, Tablets and Smartphones are the order of the day, the user remains the most vulnerable component for attack of any Information System. In fact, just last week ...[Read More]