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Mobius POPI Article 1 – Introduction to POPI

Protecting personal information has been in the spotlight in South Africa since 2005 when the first version of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act was released. The Act aims to give effect to each South African’s constitutional right to privacy by giving individuals and organisations specific requirements to process personal information in a manner that is fair, secure and responsibl ...[Read More]

The President assented to the Protection of Personal Information Act on 19 November 2013.

The President assented to the Protection of Personal Information Act on 19 November 2013.  Much anticipated news as many organisations have been preparing for the POPI Act over the last few months; and in some cases years. Timing We will communicate the commencement date as soon as we have confirmation of it through the government Gazette. The POPI Act still requires compliance within a period of ...[Read More]

IT implications of POPI and linkages to IAM at Ubusha/SailPoint Event

A recent survey completed by a top consulting company in South Africa showed that less than half of the organisations that participated have started implementing a privacy compliance programme in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Bill. On the 20th August 2013, the long-awaited vote to accept the POPI Bill was taken to Parliament.  This vote was in favour of the Bill bei ...[Read More]

IITPSA – POPI impact on IT

Mobius Consulting presented at The Institute of IT Professionals of South Africa Western Cape Chapter (IITPSA) on The Implications of POPI on IT The presentation focused on the impact of POPI on IT and the initiatives/projects frequently initiated within the IT component of organisations’ privacy remediation plans. It provided the attendees with an overview of the types of controls/remediation ini ...[Read More]

Protection of Personal Information Bill (POPI Bill) approved by the National Assembly

21 August 2013 Reputable sources have indicated that the long awaited vote to accept the POPI Bill was taken by Parliament on 20 August 2013. This vote was in favor of the Bill being passed, which means that it is now a matter of the president signing the Bill into law. We will keep you posted on next steps; and if you have any questions in the mean time feel free to contact us.  Contact Mobius Co ...[Read More]

Financial Mail Article – Data Security – Protecting The Crown Jewels

One of our strategic initiatives in the information security space is to assist clients in identifying where their data is and ensuring that the appropriate security and privacy controls are in place for that data (as opposed to the traditional perimeter security approach). The following article written by the Mobius security team appeared in the Financial Mail. Data Security – Protecting The Crow ...[Read More]

Information Security Consulting Services 2013

The information security consulting market is growing explosively because security and risk professionals often lack the skill and bandwidth to accomplish their increasingly difficult mission. To help security and risk pros deal with the onslaught of new risks and regulations, consulting firms, like Mobius Consulting, offer high-quality security strategy, process, and technology skills. Click on t ...[Read More]

Mobius Consulting POPI events (CPT and JHB)

Mobius Consulting recently held two POPI events, one in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg. Join the Mobius Consulting POPI SIG to share your thoughts on POPI: Cape Town Mobius Consulting was privileged and honoured to host 25 clients at the Mobius event on 15 April 2013 in Cape Town. We shared our practical insights into POPI assessments and remediat ...[Read More]

Financial Mail Article – The importance of appointing an Information Protection Officer (IPO)

Mobius Consulting recently published an article in the Financial Mail Corporate Essentials May 2013 publication titled: Protection of Personal Information – The importance of appointing an Information Protection Officer (IPO) South African companies are currently aligning their information processing practices with the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information Bill, 2009 (“POPI Bill”) ...[Read More]

Scenario planning and incident response

Scenario Planning and Incident Response is a strategic management tool that began as early as the 1940’s, when it was used in World War II for military purposes. In 1970, Shell adopted the process to prepare managers for possible oil price changes. However, the last 40 years have proven to be the face of increasing uncertainty and complexity. It is for this reason that organisations today have dec ...[Read More]