Identity and Access Governance (IAG)

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Controlling access to information in order to grant the correct person the correct level of access to information at the correct time has become one of the most important risk management initiatives within organisations today.
The Mobius Consulting approach to IAG is focused on helping organisations reduce the costs of their operations and improve efficiency, risk management and security and is closely aligned to global best practices such as COBIT and ITIL. Mobius Consulting has developed an IAG framework recognises that IAG occurs at a strategic / design level which is driven from a top-down approach as well as on a day-to-day basis within IT and Business Operations.

Mobius Identity and Access Governance (IAG) framework:

Mobius Identity and Access Governance (IAG) framework

Fact sheets:

Mobius approach to IAG strategy & business case development v2.00

Mobius Identity and Access Governance (IAG) framework v3.0

Mobius approach to IAG Capability maturity assessments v2.00