How we actualise change

We offer a range of services designed to meet your information risk management requirements. We have invested extensively in our frameworks and methodologies to enable us to guide clients effectively and efficiently. From assessments and roadmap development to designing processes and developing the necessary artefacts, we use a holistic approach to deliver sustainable and targeted solutions.

Our core services include:

IT governance

IT governance is an actively designed structure that helps align IT with the business strategy and processes, thus ensuring that technology assists in the achievement of the company’s goals.

IT governance describes who makes which decisions, who provides inputs, who analyzes the issues, who sets priorities, who settles disputes, and the delivery of value.

Our approach to IT Governance is focused on helping clients balance the opposing forces of performance and risk and is closely aligned to global best practices (including COBIT, ITIL, and ISO38500), relevant legislation, as well as South African code of governance such as King III.

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Information risk management

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the value of the information they possess and process, as well as the risks associated should this information be unavailable, corrupt, or fall into the wrong hands. We provide organisations with a structured and managed process to:

  • Assess information risk as it relates to business objectives,
    opportunities and compliance.
  • Design an information risk management plan.
  • Implement information risk management procedures.
  • Facilitate communication between information risk
    management and other risk stakeholders.

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Information privacy

The Mobius Consulting information privacy methodology is designed
to provide organisations with a structured, practical and managed process to:

  • Determine the extent of personal information processing and the
    impact of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) on
    your organisation
  • Determine the privacy strategy that will best suit your organisation
  • Assess your organisation’s current level of privacy readiness
  • Define a detailed privacy roadmap and project plan
  • Manage your organisation’s privacy remediation projects/initiatives
  • Provide Privacy/Information Security/Governance specialists
    to execute your organisation’s privacy remediation project/
    initiatives throughout your journey to becoming POPI compliant

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Information security

The Mobius Consulting approach to Information security aims to ensure that organisations manage the following aspects of their information:

  • Confidentiality – ensuring that information is not disclosed to
    unauthorised individuals or systems.
  • Integrity – ensuring that data is complete, accurate and valid
    and cannot be modified without detection.
  • Availability – ensuring that the information is available
    when needed.

Mobius Consulting utilises best practice frameworks such as ISO27000, COBIT, and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as well custom-developed Mobius frameworks, methodologies and tools to contextualise any risks that the organisation may be facing and to enable us to develop holistic solutions incorporating the governance, management, people, and technical aspects of information security.
Our focus is on building information security governance that is fit-for-purpose and information security processes that include the appropriate artefacts and technology in order to be efficient, effective, and sustainable.

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Identity and Access Governance (IAG)

Controlling access to information in order to grant the correct person the correct level of access to information at the correct time has become one of the most important risk management initiatives within organisations today.
The Mobius Consulting approach to IAG is focused on helping organisations reduce the costs of their operations and improve efficiency, risk management and security and is closely aligned to global best practices such as COBIT and ITIL. Mobius Consulting has developed an IAG framework recognises that IAG occurs at a strategic / design level which is driven from a top-down approach as well as on a day-to-day basis within IT and Business Operations.

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Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Our comprehensive approach to BCM follows global best practices outlined in the ISO22301 and the Business Continuity Institutes Good Practice Guidelines. Our BCM methodology assists organisations to:

  • Identify potential threats.
  • Build resilience within operations to counter these threats.
  • Provide targeted solutions to protect against future threats.

As organisations are constantly evolving, we see BCM as an organic lifecycle rather than a static, once-off exercise.

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